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10 HEALTHY HABITS That Changed My Life! Health Tips!

it’s super special because I’m sharing with you guys ten things that I do either every day or every week that really helped me to live a healthy lifestyle and helped me to be healthy all-around so if you’re new don’t forget to hit that subscribe button as well so you don’t miss any future videos and let’s just get into the ten healthy things first off I start my day with either a bulletproof coffee or a bulletproof matcha and I love doing this because it gives me a nice dose of healthy fats in the morning and these healthy fats can be used as ketones in your brain for brain fuel so especially if I’m going to clinic you didn’t know I’m a naturopathic intern right now and or if I’m going studying using my brainpower it really helps clear brain fog and provides that really good fuel it’s also great because it’s good for pre-workout because if you’re using coffee or matcha both have a bit of caffeine and caffeine helps to metabolize fat and you use fat in the eyes your workout instead of carb fuel it also helps prolong intermittent fasting so if you’re fasting and you have a bulletproof coffee or a bulletproof matcha the bulletproof part or like the fat doesn’t spike your insulin so you’re able to stay fasting for a couple more hours so if you guys want to know about intermittent fasting let me know and I can do more on that but I love starting my day with this it makes a huge difference plus if you’re adding the fats to a coffee it does stabilize it so you don’t get the jitteriness of coffee you get like kind of like a steady energy relief number two is a tongue scraping so this is my tongue scraper it’s a copper one you want to get either a copper or Medellin so first thing in the morning before you brush your teeth before you drink water this is important you tongue scrape you literally take it and you scrape your tongue it’s super simple but this is from aerobatic medicine and basically the thought process is when you’re sleeping all this kind of gunk toxins bacteria buildup on your tongue that’s why you have bad breath in the morning so when you go you scrape it off you’re getting that all off before you swallow because if you get up and you drink water before you tongue scrape then you’re taking all that bacteria and dunk on your tongue and you’re swallowing it in two digestive system and then that’s not good so this kind of takes that all off before you do anything so this is really really good for eliminating toxins and it’s gonna help with your skin with your digestion with everything so highly recommend and a tongue scraper is super affordable a link one on Amazon down below my next one is having a morning ritual morning rituals are really important for mental health studies have been shown that it helps with depression and anxiety and it’s also something nice about having a routine and having things planned out if you guys want to watch my morning routine I will link back down below but I as you guys know I make my bulletproof either coffee or matcha I love doing some Jade rolling some lemon water and some gratitude and it really just sets my day off to have the best day that I can have so it’s really important to form one of your own and just do what works for you and like stick to that morning routine next up is having lots of fiber in your diet you can get fiber from berries from flax from Chia from vegetables all these things have fiber and fiber is great at decreasing inflammation which means less bloating less digestive upset less joint issues less autoimmune but it also helps you keep a regular weight or help you lose weight because fiber keeps you full it’s that bulking agent that’s gonna fill your stomach and satiate you so I like making energy balls which I will leave down below they’re full of hemp Chia and flax lots of great fiber there and then I also like to snack on berries and have lots of greens and all of that adding those to your meals not only adds the benefits of those berries and those greens but gives you lots of fiber and fiber so so good for you next up our healthy fats and guys if I hadn’t merged if I had t-shirts it would say fats or your friend would like an avocado on it because I feel like people are still so scared of fats and they’re stuck in that whole low-fat craze of like you know the to early 2000s but you want healthy fats healthy fats are great for your skin they actually help you lose weight they keep you satiated and those are the things that are gonna curb your cravings and regulate your blood sugar verses carbs which kind of spike your blood sugar so you want to be including things like nut butters coconut butter avocado nuts all that into your diet so that you feel full your satiated your blood sugar is regulated and you physically glow from the inside out so I cannot stress enough how much adding healthy fats is important in fact healthy fats won’t make you fat if I could that would be a hashtag as well healthy fats don’t make you fat another habit I love is meal prep there’s a saying I think it’s I’m gonna look it up okay it’s by Benjamin Franklin and it’s by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail which is true if you’re hungry and you don’t have healthy things that are prepared or with you you’re gonna reach for something unhealthy because you’re hangry and you want to satiate that emotional ravenous person in you so I like to meal prep I’m meal prep sweet potatoes vegetables proteins healthy carbs like yams like I said sweet potato and these having that on the go or having that ready to go to bring for lunch or when I come home for dinner even or something that I know I can make quick is essential to being healthy I always carry a snack as well I like raw almonds or the bulletproof bars which I made my own if you guys want to make them they’re so good I’ve been addicted and everyone that’s tried them as like been deeming me saying how delicious they are but they’re delicious and a lot of the times I like to include fats and protein again they help keep you full they regulate your blood sugar so being prepared with both meals and snacks or a big healthy habit that’s gonna help you long term and it’s just easy to do at the beginning of the week just so you have some mental clarity as well and that way you’re not scrambling or you’re not waiting like a long time for healthy food to be made next up is diffusing essential oils I have been into this for years and years and years and what I love is it’s a great way to clean or cleanse the air in your space but you can choose things for different things you can do lavender for sleep and studies have actually shown that lavender helps you sleep just smelling lavender you can do peppermint to wake up you know you can do more citrusy ones in the morning too if you’re sick you can do eucalyptus and it’s a great alternative to candles I mean I still like candles and you just have to be careful about which ones you buy because you don’t want artificial fragrances but it’s a great alternative to like some of the more popular he works candles because it’s more natural for you and it cleans the ions in the air and releases negative ones so that it cleanses the air next one is to make a transition to more natural products one of the big ones is a deodorant I use a primarily pure one you want your deodorant to be natural your skin is the biggest organ on your skin on a daily basis that’s getting absorbed and if you’re putting something full body and tube it’s like a lotion that’s getting absorbed normal Durin’s have things like aluminum and endocrine disrupters which can influence fertility your thyroid just mess up your digestive system so you want to reach for more natural ones I just use a primarily pure one because it works and I like the stick form so you don’t feel like rub the paste and your fingers like I won’t realistically just not gonna do that but also just using things like rose hip oil as like a natural moisturizer in a serum it’s just 100% pure and this is like 20 bucks on Amazon and it’s free of all those chemicals so I’m gonna link my video where I talked about my favorites and below but you can research was good for your skin my next habit is more of like a thing that I make sure that I don’t do and that’s over exercising I feel like what comes to health and weight loss people think more is better and that’s just simply not true they want you to train two hours a day and they’re doing an hour of cardio sprinting run seven days a week and that can be really really hard on your body and that can drain you because when you stress your body out and you’re doing too much for your body that releases cortisol and when you release cortisol then you store abdominal fat and it contributes to an abdominal fat it also messes with adrenals it messes with your thyroid it’s just not good so if you’re let’s say you have to get up if you want to fit the gym in into your day at in the morning and you go to sleep at like and you’re getting 4 to 5 hours sleep because you want to wake up early and go to the gym and stress your body out because you think you’re doing it good let me tell you you’re not you’re just gonna store the back you’re gonna spike your cortisol stress your body out and then you’re not gonna lose weight so just don’t do it Oh move your body and do what feels good but don’t over exercise and overtire your body to the point where you’re stressing it out because it’s not going to give you any benefit in the long run my last healthy habit that I love is dry brushing now I do this about once a week not every day but basically this is a dry brush and you do it on dry skin hence dry brushing you work from your feet and then you go up towards your heart or like your arms and then towards your heart just make sure you go from your appendages towards your heart and it helps with lymph flow it helps with muscle tone it helps with like cellulite if you’re a girl and you’re worried about that because it moves things and it boosts circulation and it’s also just really invigorating so you just start from either your hands or your legs and you go like this and you just work your way up and it’s really nice to do before the shower so I’ll do this before the shower while the shower kind of heats up have a shower and then I always apply some body oil after just to hydrate and just it feels nice really great exfoliator – before either self-tanning or shaving – gets off all the dead skin so it’s gonna make you glow for summertime – so if you haven’t yet make sure you subscribe and come follow on Instagram as well because I’m always posting like little tidbits of what I do and how to be healthy like they’re really simple easy things that you can do in your life that’ll make a big difference so head on over there and yeah I will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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