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8 Foods That Aren’t As Healthy As You Think

8 Foods That Aren’t As Healthy As You Think Have you decided to start living a healthy lifestyle? For some people, this can come from a desire to eat healthy foods, to have a better figure, or to fight a disease. If you are making a plan, keep in mind that your reason is one of the least important things. Whats important to know is that there are some foods that you think are healthy but arent.

They can even sabotage your efforts. This happens a lot due to misinformation or marketing strategies. There are some foods that are the reason we dont see the results we want when we should be getting them. These foods are very misleading. This is because many are healthy or say theyre low in calories. Because of this, were going to give you a list of foods that you think are healthy but arent. 1. Prepackaged salads Prepackaged salads are foods that we usually buy in supermarkets.

And, we think theyre healthy. Even though its made with a vegetable base, sometimes these are low in nutrition. Also, its common for these salads to be frozen for several weeks. This means that the food isnt fresh. This also means that food preservatives were used. If that’s not enough, the majority of these salads come with dressings that are high in salt, sweeteners, and preservatives. The best option is for you to prepare the salads yourself.

Doing this not only saves you money, but you will also lose weight. 2. Commercial smoothie Not all smoothies are the same. Sometimes we think theyre a healthy food. When something is labeled as a smoothie, it doesnt necessarily mean that its healthy. Commercial smoothies usually have:. Refined sugar, Fat, Extra, unnecessary calories, Chemicals. Its much cheaper and easier to make your own smoothies in the morning. This way youll be sure to use fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season. Also, youll have control over the portions all the time. 3. Trail mix Surely, youve bought dried fruit and nut trailmixes on more than one occasion. These are sold in supermarkets or corner stores. And we get them because we think that theyre healthy. If youre buying dried fruit mixes in large quantities, you should know they usually have:. Sulfites that act as preservatives, A high-fat content, Stale seeds, Too much salt. If you chew these fruits as a snack between meals, choose dry seeds or fresh fruits and vegetables.

4. Granola and energy bars Many commercial granola and energy bars have high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar, and both saturated and trans fats in their ingredients. Its much healthier to make your own batch of homemade granola bars. Try several recipes until your find your favorite. 5. Low-fat products Foods made without fat dont guarantee the weight loss you might be looking for. In fact, healthy fats give a feeling of fullness. However, you should be very careful with these foods that say theyre fat-free. They can be giving you empty calories.

The best thing you can do is either make food for yourself or eat organic foods 80% of the time. 6. Frozen yogurt Frozen yogurt is the most deceiving thing of the century. Many people think that by eating it, theyre choosing a healthier option. In reality, this isnt true. They add a large amount of refined sugar. Frozen yogurt also has artificial flavorings added. If you really want a better frozen yogurt option, you can make your own with natural yogurt. Sweeten it with stevia, add fruits, and remember to not add too much. 7. Healthy drinks Diet drinks or anything similar should be removed from your list of supposedly healthy foods. This is because these chemical concoctions aren’t better than drinking a glass of regular soda.

They are usually full of synthetic chemical sweeteners that have been related to cancer. You should always avoid them. Instead, drink coconut water. Or, simply make a little fruit-infused water. 8. Whole wheat bread This is another one of the foods that you think is healthy but isnt. The label on these breads usually says that theyre very healthy, and you can eat them every day. However, the reality is that eating these breads is just the same as eating white bread. Many breads that are labeled with the words multigrain or wheat are generally made with refined grains. Because of this, you dont get as much nutritional benefit from whole grains. Be sure that you always read the ingredients. Or, better yet, make it yourself with gluten free flour.  Its not hard and youll love it.

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