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2018 Mental Health & Its Stigma In Ministry

Hello and greetings to you wherever you may be Geographically located on the globe. I am Tina La Tisha Hill, Founder and Overseer of Bridging the Gap Among Nations International Ministries Incorporated and I just drop by just to give you just a sneak peek of What Bridging the Gap has coming up in the month of May. Some of you may or may not be aware that since 1949 May has been established as National Mental Health Awareness month. So in the month of May bridging the gap among nations will have its annual mental health awareness teleconference so we will have mental health counselors that are actively engaged in ministry and Actually very passionate about ministry that will talk to us about Mental health and is stigma in ministry and help us to gain a better understanding of this thing called mental health They will also help us to understand the difference between mental health and mental illness And also they will discuss some strategies that you and I can incorporate into our daily lives to help us to become To avoid becoming a victim of burnout so again those dates are May 7th May 14th and May 21st Beginning promptly at 8 p.m..

Eastern Standard Time. Please mark your calendar and stay tuned to our Facebook page for Access codes to these teleconferences. We look forward to hearing you on the call take care.

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