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Do you have goals for your emotional health? join the movement #changeyourthinking

Hey guys how’s it going hey can you see my desk okay I think you can it’s a little bit crazy and messy and just getting over tax time yes so what a relief that is like the most stressful time of the year I don’t know especially if you have a business I think um or a couple of businesses and I know it is even if you don’t have a business but um kind of what I wanted to talk to you guys about today is emotional wellness and mental wellness or mental health and I was thinking about this and I thought you know what we are really three in one and if any of those areas are off we’re not healthy and it can it’s your physical your spiritual and your emotional health or mental health and there’s things that we do for a lot of these things we set goals for physical wellness our physical health you know we have doctor’s appointments for certain conditions and issues that we have I think we do a really good job of learning about that to be proactive on that and I’m and I’m so glad I I’m so glad that people are more focused on their physical wellness spiritual wellness that is a wide range of things and I am NOT going to talk about that there but for me that is a huge part of my health and wellness and the one that piece I wanted to talk about was is our emotional health our mental health and we talked a little bit about that here on this and we’re going to talk about how we can you know be positive and that’s gonna put us in a better frame of mind or listen to some good music that we like it’s gonna put it in a better frame of mind for me working out you know what it’s it’s scientific that if you’re gonna if you want to have a good day go work out I totally believe that and the science proves that as far as your emotional health and that kind of thing I’m not seeing that if you have issues you that are beyond just you know the positive feelings are talking to yourself in a positive way I truly truly believe that there is a place and there are people out there that can help you and what I’m getting at here is what I’ve seen and this is very common and you look you will totally get this that people don’t focus on their emotional health until they’re in crisis until it gets bad enough and I am a perfect example of that that I have had things in my life that I thought we’re fine and that I could handle until they I couldn’t and so I just want to think about that do we set goals I’m a goal-oriented person I have goals for all these areas of my life but I hey do I have gold for my emotional health I am doing something right now and in my personal life where I’m really focusing on positive and bringing positive into my life it’s it’s natural for me to be a positive person but I am actually intentionally doing even more and so I’d love to hear you know if you ever thought of this goals in your emotional health or or what your thoughts are there so thanks for tuning in today I look forward to talking with you next time

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