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BuzzFeed How To Cook Every Indian Dish Ever – Health Food Doesn’t Suck Episode 44

Why am i wet I can’t handle anything right now this is gonna dance move hi everybody my name’s Alex Napoli welcome to health by Napoli where we only cook healthy food that doesn’t suck what I am working with today is cauliflower parsnips carrots potatoes garlic onion ginger jalapeno celery cilantro tomato turmeric cumin coriander garam masala so naturally I’m gonna be making a veg currie I saw this really funny video on BuzzFeed India today saying how to cook all Indian food and so I took exactly her directions and I’m gonna try to make it at home take that BuzzFeed I need that so I’m gonna pick it up the magical twist in my recipe is that I’m using my brand new Cosori pressure cooker to make this all come together I have not read the instructions and am unfamiliar with technology so we’ll see how this goes Oh bad so far okay so the first thing that we need to do is chop we’re gonna take the onion take off the tip and take off the tail take off the skin get this onion nice and naked take off all it’s clothes The Naked onion dance alright so let’s turn our pressure cooker on I need it to saute which I hope is a setting saute on well if that works that was very easy next up we’re gonna cut up our green chili this is a jalapeno she just said green chili and I just own a jalapeno so that’s where the world comes together I’m only gonna woo that’s strong so I’m only gonna use half of it and I’m also gonna take out as many seeds as I can without actually touching the inside because I am afraid so what I like to do when I don’t want to touch something but I want it to get nice and small is I just put my hand on the flat side of my knife and just kind of like rock it like the ocean you just go back and forth through the pepper and then you don’t actually have to put your fingers in it not touching you I don’t trust you two tablespoons of any type of oil so I’m gonna be using grapeseed oil so first we need cumin seeds I don’t have cumin seeds so I’m just gonna use cumin 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds or powder mix it around why is it so hot already it’s like it is on fire steaming that sautee is powerful stuff now we add our green chili we need to get our garlic and ginger ready she had some kind of garlic ginger paste because she’s a magical magician okay the power of this is making me feel like I need to rush so she has some kind of magical garlic ginger powder or paste that was already a thing I don’t have that I just have some garlic and I have some ginger so I’m gonna put it in make a paste myself why do I feel so frazzled so for fresh ginger you really just want to cut out the outside you do not want the skin of the ginger it’s kind of bitter and a crush in my garlic and then I’m gonna try to crush in some ginger optimum word try no no it’s not gonna work we’re kind of like juicing the ginger get outta here in lieu of fresh ginger I’m gonna be adding powdered ginger maybe one teaspoon alright let’s add the onion alright let’s keep this chopping going I’ve got my celery wow I’m really bad at this right now oh yeah alright so like super unevenly chop your celery I can’t handle anything right now just need to chop alright let’s do these carrots I’m not gonna feel them because they’re little babies Wow wow okay okay guys I feel like I’m off my game tonight I have never chopped so poorly in my life this is get kitchen nightmares but not because Gordon Ramsay is terrifying but because I am going to probably hurt myself done now we got a parsnip is not a thing that I have ever seen on an Indian menu not that I’ve seen that many Indian menus but enough to say that it’s not a common ingredient parsnip always get the peel I don’t know why I’ve never tried to eat the skin to be honest just do what I’m told our BuzzFeed friend said to cooked the onions until they are brown so I’m not quite there yet the last piece of chopping the potatoes I’m gonna leave the skin on because I can’t handle anything else right now okay don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge the chopping portion of our evening is finally finished and we still have all our fingers thank you thank you all right we’re starting to get some brown bits on the bottom so now we add the tomato she had fresh tomato I do not that’s how we do it in this our like this oh my god my fingers common you little alright we got some tomatoes going in here right she’d only used one tomato so I used about a third of the can now 1 tablespoon each of cumin turmeric garam masala which I believe is a combination of spices garam masala is where the like curry flavor that you would know comes from and coriander now they also has something called red chili powder I do not have red chili powder red pepper flakes is that the same thing let’s go with yes and then it very cruel twist of fate I realized I forgot to chop the cauliflower you’ve broken me cauliflower not going to be able to go on see if I can just rip it apart oh I’m so strong and powerful add your spice mix now you want to get that nice and well combined and like wet so you want it to be all over the place wow I don’t think I’ve ever used this many spices in one dish before like the volume of spice all right now we get to try to put all this into there I wish I had bigger mitts there must be a fill line here somewhere oh yeah there’s a max line for sure we are not there yet all right let’s see if we can get this all mixed together I am making a very large volume of food here now because this is a pressure cooker you do need a certain amount of liquid in it and we only have that small amount of tomato so I’m gonna add a little bit of stock I’m gonna do a quarter cup of chicken stock because that’s what I have opened you could use vegetable you could use beef oh I forgot the salt too healthy pinch of salt okay now how do we get the lid on I feel like nope nope ohhh and then we lock it ouuu did you hear that magical sound of domination I did alright so we’ve got a couple of lots of settings here so what are we making tonight meat stew poultry soup beans and chili slow-cook yogurt pasta hotpot YUM okay I’m gonna go meat stew 30 minutes that’s a long time you only get three options okay I don’t like that 30 minutes feels like a long time for stew I’m gonna go with 25 minutes because the chili only takes 25 minutes and we don’t have any meat in here so I think that that seems reasonable so let it happen all right guys moment of truth the timer went on it automatically goes to keep warm mode I should have read instructions oh this is how you release the pressure oh it unlocks itself when it depressurizes duh ok smells good let’s check if it’s cooked oh yeah nice and soft so got a little bit of just plain basmati rice which is now all over my counter so win and then this beautiful curry and of course I can add a little bit of fresh cilantro so here we go we’ve got our beautiful curry simple curry I don’t know what kind of curry I would call this this is our BuzzFeed India curry alright let’s taste hoo hoo that was was a really bad idea it’s so hot yeah alright so what have we learned today number one BuzzFeed India’s simple home cooked curry recipe was is in fact very simple except for the mild panic attack number two the Cosori pressure cooker does what it says it’s gonna do I thought it took a little bit longer than the stove top option but super easy very much safety controlled so that you can’t blow your home up and saut├ęs steams rice whatever this is a great machine

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