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Managing Chronic Health Conditions in Schools

[Music] During the past few decades, chronic health conditions have increased among children. As a consequence, demand for school health services has risen dramatically as more complex needs are being addressed. School health services staff support students with chronic health conditions by providing day-to-day, comprehensive health care management for all students, many of whom would not otherwise have access to health care. They can assist students with health concerns, including first aid, emergency care, and managing chronic health conditions, such as asthma or diabetes. They also promote disease prevention and wellness through vaccines, encourage proper nutrition and physical activity, and provide health education for students and parents. These services are also designed to facilitate access or referrals to community health care providers. Health services connect school staff, students, families, community, and health care providers to promote the health care of students in a healthy and safe school environment.

School nurses play a key role in managing chronic health conditions at school. The school nurse coordinates and conducts assessment, planning, and implementation of individualized health care plans for students with chronic health conditions to safely and effectively manage those conditions during the school day. The National Association of School Nurses states that every school-aged child deserves a registered nurse, and every school should have a full-time school nurse all day, every day.

For children who have chronic health conditions, having access to student health services is critical. Now that we have developed an understanding of some of the major components of a healthy school environment, let’s review..

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